The Three Main Points To Follow (Money)

There are three main points to follow when trying to make money from your parents:

  1. Take away stress and worry from them
    1. Make sure that they are not worrying about doing the dishes tonight, mowing the lawn Sunday, etc. Your parents will pay you to make them not as stressed out. That earns big money
  2. Solve their problems
    1. Lets say your mom wants to go to a dinner with a friend. She cannot do so because she has to make dinner that night. Make the dinner for her so she still can go to the dinner. It solves one of her problems. People pay for that!
  3. Save them time and/or energy
    1. Time and energy is everything. There is limited time every day and generally limited energy as well. Your parents will trade a bit of cash to save them time and energy to be able to do other things then chores.

Always follow these three points when making money with your parents. Thanks for reading!